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Antique Wood Restoration

Antique Wood RestorationAntique wood restoration can be a delicate process depending on the age and quality of the antique in question. At Forzano Furniture, we have the experience and expertise to restore antiques to pristine condition as if they were brand new. This requires knowledge of wood types and of the different chemical processes used to treat the wood. Depending on the desired look from the client, these processes may vary.

Antique furniture restoration service is our specialty. We can perform furniture refinishing services on anything you need, both new and old. We'll treat your antiques like the relics they are -- with utmost respect and care. There are cases where you will want the restoration target to look new again. However, there can be value in having the appearance of age. Talk to the person doing the furniture repair to discuss what you want and we'll be happy to oblige. We handle wood spindles and are experts in table repair. Need wood furniture refinishing? We've got you covered with our furniture store.

If you're looking for custom furniture or an antique specialist, contact Forzano Furniture in Scottsdale, AZ today! We have the best furniture refinishing service in the area. We provide a furniture pick up service and delivery as needed.